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TEDx Speaker, Youth Advocate, Speaker, and Entrepreneur

Darnell grew up just South of Houston, Texas. Some  would say that Darnell's neighborhood was located on the wrong side of the tracks. However, he credits his neighborhood for sparking his passion for serving youth in the urban context and beyond. He began working with youth nearly 20 years ago. His experience working with youth includes small group instruction, mentoring, non profit, and ministry. Darnell possesses the uncanny ability to build rapport and earn the respect of youth from diverse backgrounds. He believes that all youth can be successful regardless of situation and circumstance.


Darnell is a proud graduate of Texas Southern University.  He holds BBA of Business Management and is on track to earn his MBA with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship from Dallas Baptist University. Darnell is a entrepreneur and is passionate about teaching entrepreneurial principles to youth. He also has experience in Finance and Management. 

Darnell and his wife have three beautiful children(2 girls and 1 boy).

GONNA BE SUCCESSFUL” is the flagship program of darnellSPEAKS.

It is perfect for STAAR Test preparation or overall student motivation.

The program is designed to help foster a “GONNA BE” mindset in students. The “GONNA BE” mindset says that I’m going to be successful in spite of challenges that I may face and/or my shortcomings. Students are challenged:

-To take ownership of their thinking and embrace a growth mindset

-To begin planning their success NOW

-To take inventory of their unique giftedness

-To set goals and create a plan to achieve their goals, and more.

“GONNA BE SUCCESSFUL” begins with an assembly that is jam packed with high energy, games, practical wisdom, giveaways and student participation throughout.

Following the assembly students receive a planning resource to begin taking actionable steps towards their success, immediately.

Additional components such as video modules and followup live sessions are available as well.

  • STUDENT SUCCESS: Success is desired by most. Yet, attained by few. Darnell equips students with tools necessary to be successful.

  • PURSUING PURPOSE: Most students are asking: "What is my purpose?" It is essential that we help students answer this question. Darnell helps students discover their purpose and pursue it NOW.

  • ANTI-BULLYING: Bullying has devastating effects. Darnell helps students to collectively create a culture that detests bullying and promotes respect of self and others.

  • STUDENT LEADERSHIP: Darnell is passionate about helping students develop leadership skills that will impact their lives and the lives of those around them.

  • WISE CHOICES: Choices have consequences. Darnell helps students see how there choices today can either positively or negatively impact their future.

  • CUSTOM TOPICS: Custom topics are available upon request.


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