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Thank you for stopping by to check out the Summer Empowerment video series. The series features short and engaging videos on topics such as moving beyond past struggles, mindset development, goal setting, creating a success plan, an exciting 30-Day Challenge, and more.


The videos are designed to be fun and interactive and FREE to access via YouTube. In addition to the videos, the series also includes worksheets and activities.

I believe that the "Summer Empowerment" series is a great way to help your students stay engaged and motivated during the summer months and can be easily incorporated into your current programming. The videos are a fun and effective way to learn new skills, and they can help your students prepare for the upcoming school year.


The series begins Wednesday, June 7th. Videos will be posted each Wednesday for 8 weeks.


The Summer Empowerment video series is based on my book, Gonna Be Successful: The Interactive Student Success Guide.

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Week #1: Summer Break or Summer Opportunity

Week #2: Move Past the Past

Week #3: Mindset is the Key

Week #4: Ready...Set Goals!

Week #5:Plant Your Flag

Week #7: 7/19

Week #6: BIG GOALS

Week #8: 7/26

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