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Student Empowerment Workshops are based on the book, Gonna Be Successful: The Interactive Student Success Guide. Each workshop is an in depth focus on a critical need area for students. Every workshop is engaging, motivational, empowering, and student participation is encouraged throughout. Workshops are delivered in a relevant way that empowers students to take ownership of their success. 


MINDSET MATTERS!(Mindset Development) 

Objective: To highlight the importance of mindset development and how to overcome self limiting beliefs and self confidence struggles.​​ Students will be challenged to identify obstacles to their mindset development and how to make a practice of developing their mindset. 



Objective: To introduce students to the basics of entrepreneurship. Students will explore entrepreneurial mindset, creativity/idea creation, marketing/pricing, and how to create a simple business plan.


THE CHEAT CODE(Goal Setting/Creating a Success Plan) 

Objective: To guide students through the steps of creating a practical plan to achieve their goals and maximize their potential. Students will be tasked with   initiating the creation of a personalized plan for success that devises a detailed process to achieve their goals. 


DISCOVER YOUR SUPERPOWER(Gift Discovery/Development)  

Objective: Every student is immeasurably gifted and able to impact  the world with their gift but before their gift can be unleashed it must be discovered. Students will leave this workshop with actionable steps to begin discovering their gift and practical ways to develop it. 


IDEAL FOR: TRIO Programs, College Organizations, Youth Organizations, Teams, and more


Ideal Audience: Groups of 100 or less


*Workshops can be delivered virtually or in person. Each workshop is approximately 60 to 90 minutes in length. Combine multiple workshops for maximum impact and discounted pricing.

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