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My School is Bully Free helps students develop Social Emotional Learning skills that they need to help create a safe and Bully FREE learning environment where everyone is valued and respected.

7 Learning Objectives

  1. Students will learn to identify bullying behaviors, including verbal, physical, social, and cyber bullying.

  2. Students will learn about the significance of kindness and how it can create a more positive and supportive environment.

  3. Students will learn about the importance of self-management and how it can help them to cope with difficult emotions and situations.

  4. Students will learn about self-awareness, the ability to understand their own thoughts, feelings, and needs.

  5. Students will learn about social awareness, the ability to understand the thoughts, feelings, and needs of others.

  6. Students will learn about responsible decision making, the ability to make choices that are safe, healthy, and ethical.

  7. Students will learn about relationship skills, the ability to communicate effectively, cooperate with others, and resolve conflict peacefully.

Whats Included?

  • High-energy and interactive assembly

  • Post Assembly Bully FREE commitment Banner Signing

  • 6 - 15 Mini Lessons that include short videos, Critical Thinking Questions that reinforce learning objectives. 

  • Writing Prompt for older students that allows students to demonstrate what they've learned and further develop TEKS writing skills.

Why bring My School is Bully FREE to you campus?

  • Create a safe respectful school environment

  • Reduce bullying

  • Increases bystander intervention

  • Improve student attitudes about bullying

Interested in bringing My School is Bully Free to your campus? Dates are extremely limited. Click the button below to schedule a brief discovery call, TODAY.

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