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Summer Student Empowerment is designed to empower students to take ownership of their success through the development of their mindset and soft skills. The aforementioned is accomplished through engaging custom presentations to meet the unique needs of your students and/or Student Empowerment Workshops. 

Keynote/Presentations(45-60 minutes)

Wanna take a customized approach to meet the unique needs of your students? I'll create a unique presentation to meet your students needs and align with your program goals. 

Workshops(Approximately 90 minutes each)

MINDSET MATTERS!(Mindset Development)

Objective: To highlight the importance of mindset development and how to overcome self limiting beliefs and self confidence struggles.​​ Students will be challenged to identify obstacles to their mindset development and how to make a practice of developing their mindset.

THE CHEAT CODE(Goal Setting and Creating a Success Plan)

Objective: This workshop exposes students to short range, mid range, and long range goal setting. During the workshop students will learn the significance of   setting goals that are clear and specific, realistic, and actionable. Additionally,  students will be led through the steps of creating a practical plan to achieve their goals and maximize their potential. Students will be tasked with initiating the creation of a personalized plan for success that devises a detailed process to achieve their goals.


Objective:  Students will leave this workshop with actionable steps to discover their gift/superpower and practical ways to develop it. Additionally, students will leave with a basic understanding of how their gifts intersect with college and career.


Objective: To introduce students to the basics of entrepreneurship. Students will explore entrepreneurial mindset, creativity/idea creation, marketing and pricing, and how to create a simple business plan.


Combine 2-4 of the above mentioned workshops/and or custom presentations to create a full day (3 - 6 hours) empowerment experience for your students. 

Interested in bringing SUMMER STUDENT EMPOWERMENT to your program? Simply click the link below to schedule a brief call discovery call.

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