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TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR SUCCESS is an 8 to 32 week program and geared for middle school and high school students. Weekly group meetings also known as Student Empowerment Sessions are designed to help students think critically, develop leadership skills, and ultimately take ownership of their success. Students will be assessed via written assessment at the beginning of each unit and reassessed at the end of each unit. Additionally, we will communicate with school staff regularly to monitor student progress.


Weekly lessons plans are 30 to 60 minutes in length and will cover the following four units:

- Mindset Development

- Gift Discovery

- Goal Setting

- Success Planning

Our SEL emphasis aligns with CASEL'S SEL Framework and will help students to:


- Develop Healthy Identities

- Become More Self Aware

- Manage and Express Emotions

- Set and Work Towards Achieving Goals

- Show Empathy for Others

- Establish Healthy Relationships with Others

- and Make Responsible Decisions


Groups can meet during lunch periods, advisory periods, special periods, after school or at a time deemed most convenient for the school/organization.

TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR SUCCESS is great for targeted groups such as:

- At-Risk Students

- Students Needing Additional Motivation

- "Bubble Students"

- Gifted Students

- Athletes

- and more

Each participant will receive a copy of Gonna Be Successful: The Interactive Student Success Guide.

IDEAL FOR: Schools/Organization, Groups of 25 or less

Why bring TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR SUCCESS to your campus/organization?


- Re-engage Disengaged Students

- Give Students Tools for Leadership

- Recapture or Prevent Drop-outs

- Help Students Build New Friendships

- Expand Support on Campus​ without the costs and hassle required to hire additional staff.

BONUSES: Get up to 2 FREE Assemblies for your campus (1 per semester) and 1 FREE Staff Development Session.

Is TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR SUCCESS a good fit for your school/organization? Let's schedule a brief meeting to talk discuss creating a customized solution for your school/organization.

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